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Who are Bluesky Fashions? (Charity Fashion Shows)

We provide unique charity Fashion Show and sale services which are a great way of raising funds for your chosen Charity, Church, School, Club or Organisation.

How do we arrange a Charity Fashion Show?

In the first instance give the Bluesky Fashions team a call or send an email, with some basic contact details with proposed date and location. You should be planning at least 6 to 8 weeks ahead. We will supply a few raffle prizes should you sell a minimum of 80 tickets.

If you hold a Charity Fashion Show - What is in it for you?

You can raise money for your cause quite easily via ticket sales and or raffle. The fashion shows are a very popular choice for fundraisers.

Are the clothes new at these Charity Fashion Shows?

All clothes are new - not seconds. However, the labels are cut to identify that they have been brought via a discount source, and not online direct or from a local store.

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